Frontity Framework is not under active development anymore.

The team is now working on the WordPress Interactivity API, which will unblock the same
type of UX as the Frontity framework, but fully compatible with the new Site Editor.

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Frontity Roadmap

Learn more about our public roadmap and how to keep track of new features and releases.


Frontity Framework combines the best of WordPress with the best of React, enabling you to keep the intuitive and robust editorial experience provided by WordPress while leveraging the power of the latest web technologies to create more complex user interfaces.

Its unique approach solves many of the problems that previously plagued headless WordPress implementations. But there are still challenges that we continue to work on in order to make Frontity even better. In order to address them and prioritize our efforts, we have our own roadmap.

However, since Frontity is an open source product, anyone can develop their own functionalities to meet their project’s needs and contribute it back to extend and improve the framework.

If you want to know more about our mission and the story behind this project, head over to the About page.

2021 Roadmap

These are the major features that we expect to release over the coming months. While some of them solve common challenges that WordPress users are facing when going headless, others are designed to improve the framework core.

We’re aware that we are not addressing some popular suggestions, like support for Gravity Forms or other plugins. We know they are very important, but improving the core first will ease the development and integration of these and other Frontity packages in the future.

This roadmap is the result of an ongoing discovery and prioritization process that involves feedback from the community, publishers, partners, and those who use the product. It will be reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis accordingly.

We’ve collected suggestions which have already been converted into many product improvements. Your voice is important too, and will help us shape the next Frontity features.

Stay in the loop

Feature Discussions

We research and discuss the implementations of a feature in the Feature Discussions category of the community forum.

These are public conversations where everyone is welcome to join in, and we consider them as the main source of truth for a feature. You also can suggest new features or vote for those which you are most interested in.


We usually ship new features and improvements every 15 days. This time may vary slightly depending on the features which need to be finished.

In order to stay up-to-date with the features which are in production, you can check the Releases category in the community, or look for the Feature Discussions that are marked as “Released”.


We organize ourselves in sprints of 4 weeks and divide our work into specific tasks.

To know what we’re currently working on and what will be shipped in the coming weeks, take a look at the GitHub boards (where you’ll find the status of each sprint and task), or visit the summary of the sprint that’s in progress in the community forum.

As you can see, we use the community forum to centralize all the conversations. We recommend you subscribe to the topics or categories you are interested in so that you can get notified of their status updates and changes. Learn how in the Discourse documentation.

Get involved

We believe that one of the best ways to contribute to Frontity is to use it in your own projects and share your thoughts with us.

Your feedback about the pain points that you experience and your suggestions for improving features are highly valued since they help us make your experience with Frontity the best it can be.

Apart from that, there are many other ways to help the project and get involved: from contributing to the docs, to helping inspire others by writing a case study on how you’re using the framework. Check out the How to Contribute page of our docs to learn more.

The React Framework for WordPress

Frontity combines the best of WordPress and React with a great developer experience in mind.