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Frontity is a free and open source framework to build super fast WordPress themes using React.


About Frontity Framework

A framework focused on WordPress

Frontity is an open source framework for developing WordPress themes using React JS— the same JavaScript library that WP is using for Gutenberg.

Future is cooperation, not competition

Getting WordPress and React to work together is complex, so we're open sourcing the internal framework we've been using to power big media sites during the last year.

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Interested in WordPress and React? Visit our GitHub repo to learn more about this project and come say hello to our community forum!

Build fast, modern experiences

Lightning-fast loading

Frontity sends an HTML that is ready to start navigating the site, so the initial load feels almost instant. No extra assets or round trips are necessary.

100% Lighthouse score

Frontity is optimized to get a 100% score in Lighthouse, including performance, SEO and accessibility. Developers start with 100/100 and just need to maintain it while adding features.

Google AMP support

Themes made with Frontity are able to render a Google AMP compatible version with the same React code and CSS used for the HTML version.

PWA & offline support

Our themes work with the WordPress manifest to get full PWA compatibility out of the box. They also work offline without any extra configuration via service workers.

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Why Frontity?

Our framework is beginner friendly and drastically lowers the barrier of creating WordPress themes with React.

Zero setup development

Frontity is the first JavaScript framework exclusively focused on WordPress.

This means that everything is already wired up (React, Webpack, Babel, Routing, and so on) and optimized to be used with this CMS. No extra configuration is left to the developer.

Server Side Rendering

Frontity apps live in a Node.js server tailored for WordPress. They use the REST API to retrieve content and generate the final HTML.

Frontity is prepared to be hosted in a regular Node server or in serverless services, which makes it super cheap and infinitely scalable.


We are open sourcing the internal framework we have been using to power big WordPress news sites during the last year.

Used by million readers, Frontity is proven and ideal for building fast and engaging frontend experiences.

Fully extensible

Frontity is fully extensible: from extensions like analytics or ads, to interface tools created for Frontity (context routing, swipe navigation, infinite scrolling, gutenberg-to-react, etc).

Our themes can also use any of the 80.000 React packages available in NPM.

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Building a React theme for WordPress has never been easier
✨ Open source and free to use

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Building a React theme for WordPress has never been easier
✨ Open source and free to use