Frontity Framework is not under active development anymore.

The team is now working on the WordPress Interactivity API, which will unblock the same
type of UX as the Frontity framework, but fully compatible with the new Site Editor.

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Agency Partner Program

Get the help you need for your project with our trusted agency partners.

What is the Agency Partner Program?

The Agency Partner Program is a network of hand-picked and trusted agencies who have the resources and expertise to help enterprise customers use Frontity in their projects.

To ensure clients’ success and build the best digital experiences, our partners have dedicated teams of JavaScript and WordPress engineers as well as experts with a deep understanding and knowledge of Frontity.

Since Frontity Framework was launched, dozens of WordPress publishers have asked our team for consulting services. Unfortunately, we didn’t have an efficient way to help them all and fulfil the custom requirements that these projects usually entail. With this program, we aim to connect these companies that are looking for expert guidance with our agency partners, so that they can succeed in building their projects with Frontity.

How this program can help you?

For companies who are considering migrating to Frontity and looking for consulting services, this program will help them connect with the right experts in order to get the help they need and to succeed in their transition to Frontity.

For our agency partners, our main goal is to help them grow their business, empower their development teams, and support them as they work with Frontity.

For Frontity Framework and the community, this will allow the project to benefit from the strengths, expertise and contributions of the brightest agencies in the ecosystem.

Why partnering with Frontity?

There is no better approach to solving challenges than working together.


Frontity enables agencies to benefit from new business opportunities, empower their teams and remain competitive in the future.


We offer a direct communication channel with the Frontity core team to ensure agencies receive technical support when needed.


Frontity agency partners have greater visibility of the product roadmap and early access to new features.


We provide the resources and marketing materials agencies need to position and advocate for Frontity.


Our partners are recommended as experts in the official Frontity website and can participate in co-branded case studies.


With their feedback and advice, our agency partners are an important voice that helps us shape the future of the framework.

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10up aims to make a better web with finely crafted websites, apps, and tools for content creators, leveraging open source technologies like WordPress and React. 

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