Frontity Framework is not under active development anymore.

The team is now working on the WordPress Interactivity API, which will unblock the same
type of UX as the Frontity framework, but fully compatible with the new Site Editor.

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Frontity Logo
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Our Journey to Frontity

This project is the result of almost two years spent working hand-in-hand with WordPress publishers and the lessons learned along the way.

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About Frontity

We have been crafting open source software for WordPress for many years now, but the idea for this project came about in late 2017 when we started working with big Spanish WordPress publishers who wanted to improve the performance of their mobile sites. Despite their best efforts their WordPress sites on mobile devices were slow and sluggish.

We set to work in developing a mobile WordPress theme for them, which we called Frontity PRO. Our goal was to make it as performant as possible while delivering a remarkable user experience. To achieve this we built an internal React framework which used the WordPress REST-API to fetch the content from their WordPress sites, and we spent a whole year optimizing it.

We faced many challenges and realized that combining WordPress and React wasn’t easy. However, in the end the theme was a success and it was used by more than 20 million readers and so was proved ideal for building engaging and modern frontend experiences.

In 2019 we decided to use all that knowledge, and all those lessons learned, to launch an open source framework so that anyone who wanted to use WordPress as a headless CMS with a React frontend could benefit. We believe that WordPress and React are destined to live together and are committed to helping it happen!

Our mission

Our mission with Frontity Framework is to help people build performant, scalable websites with WordPress and React easily.

The framework is built on the principles of simplicity and collaboration, while using open source technology and embracing a community of people who love the open web.

Our philosophy

Future is collaboration, not competition

Open Source

We believe that working in an open way and sharing knowledge has the power to change the world for the better.


We are committed to embracing collaboration, as well as to helping each other learn and give back to the community as much as possible.

The value of people

Frontity is more than its code. It’s about the people and community involved who dedicate their time and effort to further its success.

Case Studies

Diariomotor Case Study Asset


Learn how Frontity helped drive the evolution of Diariomotor, reducing development time and putting them on the path to better performance.

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Frontity - Awsm Innovations Case Study Asset

Awsm Innovations

Awsm Innovations rebuilt their website with Frontity to boost web performance and deliver a great user experience.

Forbes Africa

Learn how the Awsm Innovations team redesigned and migrated Forbes Africa to Frontity to improve the site’s overall performance.

Frontity - Aleteia Case Study Asset


Aleteia is the leading website for Catholic news. Frontity allowed them to move to a modern frontend stack in just a couple of months.

Frontity - Gudog Case Study Asset


Frontity helped Gudog increased their organic traffic by 88% and significantly improved their SEO results.