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Frontity JSNation Contest

Get exclusive Frontity swag and enter to win a consulting session with the Frontity creators!

What is the Frontity JSNation Contest?

Frontity JSNation is a contest for the JSNation Live attendees. In order to participate, you have to build a website with Frontity: it can be a blog, a portfolio site, anything. You can use a Frontity theme as a basis to build it or create your own custom theme.

Everyone who enters will get Frontity swag, and two (2) winners will receive a one hour session with the Frontity creators. The submission deadline is July 3 (Friday), 2020.

If you are new to React, Frontity can help you supercharge your learning. Here are some guides that will help you familiarize yourself with some JavaScript concepts. If you’re already familiar with React, we invite you to go one step further and expand your knowledge by building a Frontity site! ?

How to enter to win

1. Read the Contest Rules and Guidelines
2. Build your Frontity site
3. Submit your site!

We also encourage you to show your work to the world with the hashtag #MadeWithFrontity and be proud of it! ?


The best place to learn about Frontity is the documentation:

? Quick Start Guide
? Step-by-step tutorial
? API Reference
? Core Concepts
? Frontity Themes
? Guides

In addition, you can check out the code and steps that Michael followed during the JSNation workshop “Build a React-based Theme for WordPress with Frontity” on this GitHub repo.

Need some inspiration? Head over to our Showcase page and see what the community is building!

For any questions regarding the contest, please visit the Contest Rules page or feel free to reach out in the community forum (where we are usually most active!).

About Frontity

Frontity is a free and open source React framework for WordPress. Its unique approach strips away the complexity that entails connecting both WordPress and React, and gives you a big head start by providing many of the most common queries already built in. This way you can focus on building your site or blog instead of all the tooling and configuration.

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