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4 Best Practices to Win on the Mobile Web

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Mon Dec 18 2017

As part of the “Campus Experts Summit” event that took place last month at Campus Madrid, the Mobile UX Manager at Google Claire Illmer hosted a session called “Winning on the Mobile Web”.

User Experience (UX) is an important element of website design. Typically problems with user experience occur due to the accumulation of small issues. Whether it’s a slider resizing issue in a mobile device, a call to action button placement issue, or a slow loading time of the website, poor UX design can adversely affect the […]

The digital landscape has become entirely app oriented. Most businesses have now realized the potential of mobile apps in bringing the users closer to the brand. The apps have not only contributed in taking the business to a huge number of mobile users but also have been instrumental in building the brand.

Websites are an important part of your business promotion over the web. They offer a chance to the users to interact with the business to gain the insightful information. When users interact with websites, they expect to have an outstanding experience while browsing through the elements. It, thus, becomes more of a responsibility to the […]