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Connecting Gutenberg and Frontity

  • Post Author
    By Mario Santos
  • Post Date
    Tue Nov 24 2020

In this post, we walk you through the process we followed to rebuild our website with Gutenberg and Frontity. We share all the challenges and lessons learned, and what we considered to be the best approach to solve them.

This post was originally published in Spanish at In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a personal blog using: WordPress as database and a tool for creating content. React to display the content and manage the UI components. NodeJS to render on the server, and thus improve loading times […]


SEO for Headless WordPress Themes

This is a written version of the “SEO for headless WordPress themes” talk that Luis and Reyes gave at the JavaScript for WordPress Conference. You can find the slides here and watch the full talk on Youtube.

These last months have been pretty intense here at Frontity. Back in March we decided to discontinue the development of our mobile theme for WordPress publishers (also known as Frontity PRO) to place all our focus on an open source framework to create WordPress themes with React.