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Monthly Roundup – October 2020

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Fri Nov 06 2020

📨 Frontity’s monthly roundup is designed to inform you about all the updates, community news and announcements surrounding Frontity Framework. Stay up to date with all things Frontity by subscribing to our monthly roundup email here.

Here’s our recap of all the stuff we and the community have been working on in the last month.

Framework updates

We recently released the first beta version of the Smart AdServer package, which allows you to integrate Smart AdServer into Frontity really easily.

  • As they work in similar packages, the ads are rendered in the user’s theme using the Slot and Fill pattern.
  • You can see an example and learn how to configure the package in its Feature Discussion.

More good news! You can now host Frontity and WordPress together in Pantheon’s Decoupled Bridge (Early Access), a new solution with NodeJS support presented at Pantheon’s WebOps Summit last week.

  • Our co-founder and lead developer Luis Herranz was invited to participate in the event’s keynote “Revolutionizing Customer Experience with Decoupled Architecture”, where he shared a demo of how this solution works in Frontity.
  • You can also watch the full event session here.

Community projects

Mayur (Dapton Technologies) shared with us the beautiful Frontity website they’ve built for the music platform Neon Music: 🎼

Ossi P wrote this post in our community to provide his insight and feedback on building, a project for theFinnish hosting company Web1.

Rekarnekött AB is another project, this time from Sweden, in which Tommie Lagerroos has been working on recently. It can be visited at 🐄

J Hernandez made his website with Frontity and is planning to polish its design details soon.


In the new episode of Frontity TalksLoading a CSS Library in a Frontity Project – our DevRel team demonstrates the correct way to use external CSS in your Frontity project using the <Global> component, and explains the pros and cons of doing so.

In addition, JuanMa and Michael have been working on a few demos lately:

  • Frontity + Bootstrap: this project showcases the use of Bootstrap components and how to load Styles for any CSS library in Frontity.
  • Frontity + AntD: an example of how to use AntD components.

We recently published the consultation session that we had with Laura Pascual, one of the winners of the JSNation contest. In this video, David and JuanMa answered her questions and reviewed her project.

🎙️ Petr Tichy is exploring Frontity and sharing his impressions on Twitch. You can find some of his latest streams in the following links:

Here are some other posts from the community that you might enjoy reading:

We always appreciate this kind of content coming from the community. Please keep it coming! 🙌

Team highlights

A few weeks ago, we announced our partnership with 10up, one of the largest WordPress-centric agencies in the world.

  • We’re very happy to join forces with such a great team! This will not only allow us to increase the ability to help WordPress owners migrate to Frontity but also to benefit from the expertise and contributions of one of the brightest agencies in the ecosystem.
  • Check out our blog post to learn more about this partnership and 10up’s latest contribution to the framework, the ElasticPress package.

We’re also happy to share that Frontity has been featured in Runa Capital’s ROSS Index as one of the fastest-growing open-source startups this quarter.

The main metric of this study is the growth rate of GitHub stars. If you haven’t yet, please consider starring our project to show your support. ⭐


Last month we gave a few talks at WordCamp Los Angeles. The videos are already available on

The community member Alex Cuadra gave another great talk about Frontity in Spanish at NicaSource Talks. You can watch the session here.

Other stuff

Cloudflare Launches Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress by Sarah Gooding (WPTavern). This can be the perfect combination if you’re using a hosting provider that doesn’t have a CDN to serve static HTML as it can bring your WordPress or Frontity website huge performance benefits.

The team at Delicious Brains launched Delicious Brain Waves, a podcast where they talk about all things development, coding, and WordPress.

Chris Coyer (CSS-Tricks) wrote an insightful comparison about WordPress and Jamstack that it’s worth reading.

WordPress announced its 2020 WordPress Annual Survey (available for the next five weeks). This helps those who build WordPress understand more about how the software is used, and by whom.

That’s all for now, folks. As always, feel free to reach out and share your projects with us. We love hearing from you.

See you next month! 👋