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Our session with Laura Pascual, one of the winners of the JSNation competition

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    By Michael Burridge
  • Post Date
    Wed Oct 07 2020

Back in June we sponsored JS Nation Live 2020, the biggest JavaScript conference in the cloud, and we had a major presence at that event with a talk, a workshop, and virtual booth sessions.

In association with the conference we ran a competition to build a website using Frontity, the React based framework for WordPress.

We received a wide range of entries to the competition, but two entries in particular stood out from the rest. The judging panel were unanimous in awarding each of these two entries the prize of an hour long consultation session with members of the Frontity team.

We are happy to announce that we have just published the recording of the consultation session with one of the winners, Laura Pascual. Laura’s submission was a personal site for a writer called Cristina N.

The judging panel was impressed with the elegant but minimal design aesthetic employed by Laura. You can see these design principles in the site that Laura submitted here:

Laura’s well structured and coherent code-base also impressed the judges. Take a look at her GitHub repo for the project here:

We’re sure you’ll agree that Laura was a worthy winner of the consultation session.

JuanMa (Developer Relations Lead) and David (Developer) from the Frontity team offered their time to answer Laura’s questions and offer advice on her submitted project and on other things that she can do with Frontity in the future.

The wide ranging discussion touched on a number of topics that will be of interest to anyone wishing to develop sites using Frontity. Check out the video of the conversation below.

Time poor? Jump straight to the part of the video that interests you:

00:00:09 Introduction
00:03:11 Laura’s project
00:05:45 Question 1 – CSS and styles best practice
00:18:11 Question 2 – Using handlers to work with categories
00:45:35 Question 3 – DOM manipulation
00:52:52 Question 4 – Finding the root HTML element
01:00:30 Question 5 – TypeScript vs JavaScript
01:08:16 Question 6 – Namespaces
01:13:37 Wrapping up

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