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Monthly Roundup – August 2020

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Thu Sep 10 2020

📨 Frontity’s monthly roundup is designed to inform of all updates, community news and announcements surrounding Frontity Framework. Stay up to date on all things Frontity by subscribing to our monthly roundup email here.

It’s that time again to go over all the stuff we and the community have been working on. Let’s catch up!


Last month we introduced the auto-prefetch feature and the first beta version of the Google Ad Manager package.

The auto-prefetch feature allows you to easily speed up navigations by prefetching all the data required to render the page ahead, so that when a link is clicked, the page is loaded instantly. ⚡

The Google Ad Manager package allows you to display ads in specific slots of your Frontity theme in a really easy way. Here’s a quick demo on how this package works.

The infinite scroll feature is still in beta but we published a new version recently. Your feedback is always welcome!

  • Luis also created this CodeSandbox so you can test it out in the browser.
  • A big shout-out to @orballo for his work on this hook!

Docs updates

CLI Commands: we reorganized this section to group commands and add information about Environment Variables.

Troubleshooting: a new page to explain common issues detected in Frontity projects and how to solve them.

Guides: we moved some pages, such as React, JavaScript and SEO, under this section and improved its description.

Lastly, we renamed some other sections:

Community projects

Dejan Georgiev shared his wife’s blog related to cooking and traveling: Looks so good! 👩‍🍳

HEI Integration is a beautiful website for a newly founded school and the first project that Phn made with Frontity, who shared some feedback here.

Matthew Bert has been actively working with Frontity to create his mental health blog: Check out the source code in this post.

In addition, he just built this mental health resource site off the Twenty Twenty theme. Really nice projects! Learn more here.

Ivan Ivaneichyk shared with us the website his company built for one of their clients:

Another nice corporate website is, made by Artlytical Media, one of the winners of the JSNation Contest.

Yahya Makarim also shared the new Frontity project he’s working on: Source code here.

New content

Rcls outlines in this detailed post his experience with Frontity and shares some useful tips. The project is still under development but seems very interesting.

Dylan Tientcheu wrote this tutorial on how to get started with Frontity.

👨‍🎓 Our DevRel team published two new Frontity Talks:

  • Custom Post Types: in this video JuanMa and Michael talk about how to use Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies in Frontity.
  • Contact Form 7 & Processors: in this episode they explain how to use beforeSSR to pre-fetch data, and how to use processors to parse incoming HTML and process it.

If you want to see any particular Frontity related topic covered in the next Frontity Talks, feel free to suggest it in the video comments or use the hashtag #AskFrontity on Twitter.

Upcoming events

There are many interesting talks and learning opportunities this month. Mark your calendars! All the following events are online and free.

Digo Ribeiro is hosting a session this Saturday on How to create WordPress themes using Frontity at WordCamp São Paulo:

  • 12 September at 14:50h – Time in São Paulo (GMT-3).
  • This event will be held in Portuguese. 🇧🇷

The same day our co-founder Pablo Postigo is speaking at WordCamp Colombia about React frontends for WordPress with Frontity:

  • 12 September at 9:00h – Time in Colombia (GMT-5).
  • This event will be held in Spanish. 🇨🇴

Next week, Alex Cuadra is giving a talk on how to get started with Frontity at the Managua WordPress Meetup:

  • 16 September at 18:00h – Time in Nicaragua (GMT-6).
  • Meetup held in Spanish. 🇳🇮

And later this month, Francesco Riggio will be talking about his experience with the framework at the Piacenza WordPress Meetup:

  • 29 September at 18:30h – Time in Italy (GMT+2)
  • Meetup held in Italian. 🇮🇹

There is another talk in English yet to be confirmed at the end of September. Stay tuned to our social channels for more details.

Other stuff is live: a new platform for online content and workshops that will help you learn more about WordPress and teach it to others.

DigitalOcean officially announced Hacktoberfest 2020. 🎃

  • This month is dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge about open source in preparation for October.

There has been some debate recently around Matt Mullenweg’s take on JAMstack.

  • Our co-founder Luis Herranz shared on Twitter some thoughts on this post and explained why Frontity doesn’t suffer from some of the most common JAMstack problems. Feel free to join the conversation! 💭

That’s all for now folks. This was quite a long roundup but hope you enjoy it! If so, please take a second to share it on Twitter, or anywhere else!

As always, feel free to reach out and share your projects with us. We love hearing from you. See you next month! 👋