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Frontity Talks: Contact Form 7 & Processors

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    By Michael Burridge
  • Post Date
    Tue Aug 18 2020

We have just published the latest episode in our series of videos entitled Frontity Talks.

In this episode we cover two topics. Michael demonstrates how to use beforeSSR to pre-fetch data, in this case a contact form, that can then be included anywhere on your site. JuanMa then explains how to use processors to parse incoming HTML and process it.

Jump straight to the part of the video that interests you:

Contact Form 7

02:05 The question from the forum
02:45 Create a form
04:02 Create a page
04:49 The CF7 Frontity package
06:17 Check that it’s working
08:33 Pre-fetch the content with beforeSSR
11:03 Create a component to use the data
12:58 Html2React
15:35 Using the Footer component
16:27 The technique works with any content
18:03 Repo


21:12 Introduction
24:09 Default processors
24:24 What is a processor?
25:21 An example
26:59 Demo of a custom processor
31:15 Passing props to a custom component
32:16 Setting up a folder for processors
32:35 Using the processor in the theme
34:04 Gutenberg and page builders
35:34 Detecting elements
38:09 Components in the website

Links referenced in the video

Query in forum – how to add Contact Form in footer
Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin
Contact Form 7 Frontity Package
Contact Form Repo
Html2React docs page
Processor Example Repo repo

We hope you enjoy this episode of Frontity Talks and that you find it useful. If you want to see any particular Frontity related topic covered then please suggest it in the video comments or use the hashtag #AskFrontity on Twitter.

If you want to watch any of the earlier episodes of Frontity Talks, you can find them all in this Youtube playlist.

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