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Announcing the Winners of the JSNation Competition

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Mon Jul 27 2020

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the Frontity JSNation competition! We are glad you accepted the challenge to create a website with Frontity and hope you enjoyed building your projects. We’ve received some great entries and it was a tough decision to pick up only two of them.

Finally, the team came to a final decision and decided the winners, who will each receive a one hour session with the Frontity creators. We chose the winning projects based on the code legibility and the creativity of the site, among other criteria.

Here are the two winners of the Frontity JSNation Contest! 🏆 

Linda Jean’s Restaurant MV

This is a website for a local diner that utilizes ACF Pro in the back end to provide a fool-proof and customized build. The responsive theme is spun up from scratch with no use of a UI toolkit and built with One of the most striking features of the website is the menus page. An infinite number of menus can be added to the page and items and/or titles are added using a flexible content field provided by ACF Pro.

The switching between menus is achieved through React’s state within the page component and the scrollable containers are easy to view on both desktop and mobile. Plus if users want to download a PDF version of the menu, ACF Pro’s file upload field provides the capability to the user. The site was developed by Artlytical Media and designed by MVesna.

David Rhoderick (Artlytical Media)

Cristina N: A personal site for a writer

This is a personal site for a writer called Cristina N., so she has a place to share her stories. She has access to the WordPress site as an author so she can publish all her posts. We wanted the website to have a nice and clean feeling, so we focused on choosing the right fonts and keeping colors toned done (only one color, for accents, that is not neutral). In addition, we wanted the visitors to be able to read comfortably on the website, so we added a “reader mode” on the post page (when the content is one of her short stories).

The language of the site is Spanish because the writer is from Spain. However, she sometimes writes in English, so we would like to add a future implementation to change the language (in a similar way as the “reader mode” is implemented). To be able to access the “Zona secreta” (/hidden/ route, it means “Secret area” in Spanish), you need a password provided by the writer.

Laura Pascual

Congratulations to the winners and thank you again to everyone who participated in the Frontity JSNation Competition. Stay tuned for more contests in the future! 🙂