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Frontity Talks: ES6 Topics & mars-theme

  • Post Author
    By JuanMa Garrido
  • Post Date
    Fri Jul 31 2020

We have published a new video as part of the Frontity Talks series that we introduced a few weeks ago.

In this session, we explain some ES6 topics and mars-theme. You can find more information right below the video.

This session was recorded in July 2020 and the topics chosen for this session are:

ES6 Topics

ES6 is the latest version of Javascript that introduces some features that are typically used across all Frontity projects. In this session, Michael Burridge reviews some of them and shows how are they used in mars-theme.

You can find more information about this in the docs.

In addition, the best reference that we can recommend you for Javascript related topics is in MDN web docs.

You can use the video chapters below to easily access or rewatch the different parts of the video:


Mars theme is meant to be considered a starter theme to show people how to use some of Frontity functionalities. You can check out its code and structure on Frontity’s GitHub repository and find it on npm.

If you want to learn more on how Frontity and mars-theme works, check out the guide Understanding Mars Theme.

Video chapters:

  • 27:52 mars-theme
  • 29:30 mars-theme: frontity.settings.js
  • 30:07 mars-theme: frontity.settings.js → theme configuration
  • 31:31 mars-theme: npx frontity dev
  • 31:59 mars-theme: mars-theme/src/index.js
  • 34:49 mars-theme: theme state variables
  • 36:09 mars-theme: merge of theme project settings & theme settings
  • 37:18 mars-theme: use of theme state variables
  • 41:57 mars-theme: dynamic state variables through actions
  • 49:03 mars-theme: use of loadable
  • 50:53 mars-theme: pre-fetching strategy
  • 58:08 mars-theme: pagination
  • 1:03:15 mars-theme: final thoughts

Hope this episode is useful for you. If you want to watch any of our previous Frontity Talks, you can find them all in this Youtube playlist.

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