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Introducing the New Series of Videos “Frontity Talks”

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Wed Jul 08 2020

We are happy to share with you a new initiative we’ve been working on recently: Frontity Talks, a series of videos created by our DevRel team (JuanMa and Michael) to explain different topics about Frontity.

What is the aim of the Frontity Talks?

This initiative is born as a practical exercise from the DevRel team tolearn, understand, and communicate in an effective way different topics and concepts about Frontity.

Each video can be considered as a casual learning session between JuanMa and Michael in which they choose a few subjects to explain to each other. The topics are usually selected based on the questions and concerns that users share in the community forum.

We think this is also a great way to help the community understand some Frontity concepts in a better way.

How can you help improve these talks?

There are some good ways for you to get involved and help improve these videos:

  • Suggest topics or questions that you’d like to be explained by the DevRel team. You can leave your suggestions in the comments section of each Youtube video or send them to us via Twitter using the hashtag #AskFrontity.
  • Give feedback regarding the sessions. Was the content helpful? Did you learn something? Do you consider that a topic should be explained in a more detailed way? Any constructive criticism can help us improve and enrich these sessions so they add more value both to our team and the community.

Are there any Frontity Talks already published?

Yes! We have published two Frontity Talks so far:

Frontity Talks: wp-source & CSS in JS

In the first learning session:

  • JuanMa reviews all methods and propertiesavailable from thewp-source package (this package provides methods and structures that can be used to access the data got from the REST API from your React components).
  • CSS in JS: Michael shows how to create a styled component and how to define styles based on props values (Frontity uses CSS in JS to apply styles to React components).
Frontity Talks: Pagination example & wp-source (state & fetch)

In this talk:

  • Michael goes through how to create pagination buttons in a Frontity project. This explanation can be considered as an extension of the workshop that he hosted at JSNation Live. Here’s the repo too.
  • wp-source (state & fetch): JuanMa shows how this package uses the state to store the info retrieved by its fetch method.

Subscribe to Frontity’s Youtube channel and tap the notification bell to get notified when new videos are out. You can find all the Frontity Talks in this playlist too.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!

Any comments or thoughts? Join the conversation here.