The best mobile theme for professional WordPress publishers

Frontity combines the power of Progressive Web App technologies with Google AMP to offer an outstanding mobile experience for your users.

The perfect fit for publishers

Frontity PRO is a premium service for professional WordPress publishers with blogs or news-oriented websites: we help you install our mobile theme and take care of all the hard work so you can focus on publishing.

The PRO advantage

Priority support

Our support team gives you highest priority so your requests are addressed quickly and offers hands-on support any time you need it.

Hassle-free updates

Your mobile theme will be automatically updated every time we release a new version with improvements and fixes.

Expert guidance

Although our technology is optimized to make your mobile site load instantly, we let you know what other things can be improved to deliver a better user experience.

Free CDN with image optimization

Frontity PRO offers free CDN services to speed up your WordPress site, optimizes your images for mobile and reduces 30% of total page weight.

Why Frontity is a great choice

Designed to improve mobile site performance and speed, Frontity will help you increase your mobile traffic, user engagement and revenue.

Best UX on mobile

Keep users engaged and reduce your bounce rates with with an app-like design that is easy and instant to read and navigate.

More traffic and revenue

Speed is key for publishers nowadays. Frontity's unique features have been proved to increase page views per visit, retention, and boost ad revenue.

Powerful integrations

Our mobile theme can be integrated with your favorite tools:

and many more

How does it work?

Built with the latest PWA technologies, Frontity is a mobile WordPress theme that makes your site faster and more engaging on mobile devices. It uses a WordPress plugin to replace your classic mobile version with our theme.

Same URL

Frontity uses the same URL as your regular theme. When a visit comes from mobile, it loads our theme.

Keep your desktop theme

Frontity is a specific theme for mobile visitors, your desktop version and content don't change.

Control what you display

You can control your menu, pages, and even exclude specific URLs from being loaded into the mobile theme.


Frontity is free. We do not charge you for the theme, and there are no installation nor support costs.

We monetize through one small ad placement (banner) that you allow us to use on your pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

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