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Suitable for blogs and news sites, Frontity is a Progressive Web App (PWA) theme specifically designed to improve your mobile user experience and performance. Fill out the following fields to see what it looks like on your mobile WordPress blog.

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Replace your classic mobile version with a fast and highly engaging Progressive Web App (PWA) theme.


With Frontity, you can…

Experience instant loading times

Frontity is optimized to make your blog load in less than one second and ensures it always achieves a high performance, which matters so much to your SEO efforts.

Reduce your bounce rates

Infinite and horizontal scrolling allow your users to instantly navigate between posts, keeping them engage with your blog and reducing bounce rates.

Use web push notifications

Keep readers engaged and notified of new posts with instant web notifications that pop up on their mobile device.

Combine PWA features with AMP

Frontity combines the power of PWA technologies with Google AMP. You can enable this feature without any extra configuration.

Get more traffic and revenue

Speed is key for publishers nowadays. Frontity's features have been proved to increase page views per visit and boost revenue.

Integrate your favorite tools

Frontity can be integrated with the tools you already use: Analytics, AdSense, GTM, Disqus, Yoast, and many more.

The world's top publishers are using PWA technologies to boost their mobile site performance. Join them today.