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Our Takeaways from WordCamp Europe 2019

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Thu Jun 27 2019

WordCamp Europe 2019 (#WCEU) took place last week (June 20-22nd) in Berlin with a total of 2,734 attendees from 97 countries. This was the largest WordCamp in history!

Unfortunately, this year we could not make it to the Contributor Day but these were two intense days of networking, talks, community, and much more. Here’s our brief recap of WordCamp Europe 2019.

Community & networking

Unlike previous WordCamps, this year we did not have the chance to watch many talks. This was however a fantastic opportunity to grow our network in order to find new ideas, potential partners and contributors.

During the two weeks prior to the event, we did a lot of research, contacted people we found interesting and scheduled as many meetings as possible. The networking during the event was much more effective than in previous years in which we had not prepared anything.

We had the opportunity to connect again with Alberto Medina, the guys at XWP, Ryan McCue, and meet many other people from rtCamp, Pantheon, 10up, Multidots, Inpsyde, Crowd Favorite, Strattic, WidgiLabs, Symbiotisk – and the list goes on and on!

It was also great to catch up with the folks from the Spanish WordPress community and other WCEU friends (Michael, Pascal, Page, David from Nelio, Rocío, Álvaro, Roberto…), and have some lovely conversations with new people like Jean Galea (WP Mayor), Nahuai Badiola, and Marcin Kilarski, to name a few.

Experience as Teaching Assistants

Last WordCamp Europe in Belgrade, Frontity’s dev team (Luis, David, and Eduardo), contributed to the development of the official WCEU PWA. This year, they volunteered for the WordPress REST API Workshop as Teaching Assistants (TAs). As per their opinion, this was a great overall experience!

I didn’t know what a TA was before the WCEU, but I now think that it is a great way to ensure a smooth workshop for both the audience and the speaker.

And I should add that Micah’s workshop was so well designed and explained that most of our work was to mitigate WiFi problems passing USB sticks around and helping people with typos in the configuration.

Luis Herranz, Lead Developer at Frontity.

Matt on WordPress

During the first day of WordCamp we had the chance to see the Matt Mullenweg‘s keynote (“Matt on WordPress”) and Q&A session. His talk mostly focused on the latest Gutenberg improvements and what is coming soon, like the new Block Directory.

Closing remarks

During the closing remarks, organizers announced that WordCamp Europe 2019 will be held in Porto (Portugal). What an exciting moment!

Congrats to the Portuguese community!

Thank you!

As always, we could not finish this post without mentioning all the organizers, volunteers, speakers, and sponsors of WordCamp Europe 2019 – a huge thank you for your work and for making this conference possible!

If you missed a talk at WCEU, remember that all session recordings will be available on soon. In the meantime, you can also watch the live stream feeds here.

See you next year in Porto! 💙