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Monthly Roundup – May 2021

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Tue Jun 08 2021

📨 Frontity’s monthly roundup is designed to inform you about all the updates, community news and announcements surrounding Frontity Framework. Subscribe here to receive it in your inbox and stay up to date with all things Frontity.

We’re back this month with some exciting updates. Let’s catch up!


A new minor version of Frontity was released last month. Among other improvements, this release includes Webpack and Babel extensibility support. ✨

  • From now on, you can customize and change the default Webpack, Babel and Frontity configurations with a frontity.config.js file.
  • Here’s an example of how to extend both Webpack and Babel, including this CodeSandbox.

Head over to the release notes to see what else is new.

Besides this, frontity create now initializes a git repository by default so that you don’t have to create it manually after starting a new project. You can skip this initialization by adding the --no-git option to the CLI.

Frontity Contact Form 7 package v0.2.3 was also released last month. According to Kasper, this version addresses some bug fixes and includes a few new features focused on accessibility. Learn more here.

Special thanks to @kasperaamodt, @cristianbote, @DAreRodz, @orballo, @luisherranz and @michalczaplinski for working on these features and improvements! 🙌

New docs

The Architecture section has been extensively rewritten and now includes coverage of the two main Frontity Modes:

There is a brand new Performance section which covers in detail some of the strategies you can use to improve (even more) the performance of your Frontity site, including: Caching, Link Prefetching, and Code Splitting. ⚡

As you might know, Frontity sites are Isomorphic React apps which are executed both on the server-side and on the client-side. We’ve published a new page called Isomorphic React with the goal of explaining how the isomorphic approach works in Frontity and how you can customize your site accordingly.

In addition, a few more guides have been added to the docs:

Lastly, the Packages section of the API Reference docs has been reorganized and includes Themes as a subsection.

Thanks to @juanmaguitar and @mburridge for their work on these great documentation resources! 👏

Community projects is a new, beautiful website made with Frontity which features a collection of 5000+ Line Icons for designers and developers.

Hudson Atwell built, the first Minecraft Survival server for the WordPress community, with Frontity Chakra Theme. is a company specialized in the development of custom web and mobile apps. Their website built with Frontity looks great.

Here’s some other fantastic websites powered by WordPress and Frontity that popped up in our community radar:


Last week we announced the new Learn Frontity page! 🤓

  • This is a reference page for you to find all the basic Frontity learning resources in one place.
  • It features documentation, videos, example projects, and more. We hope it helps you make the best out of Frontity!

Aravind Ajith shared this interesting case study of how the Awsm Innovations team migrated Forbes Africa to Frontity.

Kasper Aamodt published a guide on Deploying Frontity to Vercel with GitHub and this follow up post on how to avoid Vercel from making a preview build for branches.

A new video is out on Frontity’s YouTube channel: Frontity dev build scripts. In this session, Luis shows how the dev and build scripts generate the client and server bundles with an special emphasis on the Webpack configuration.

We made some updates to the Frontity Template to enable Frontity to be bootstrapped on either CodeSandbox or StackBlitz.

Other stuff

The team at WP Owls launched a new podcast called WP Owlcast. In the first episode they talked about contributing to WordPress with Birgit Pauli-Haack and Greg Ziółkowski.

Last month marked the 18th anniversary of WordPress’ launch. 🎂

Elliot Condon also celebrated 10 years of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and announced that Delicious Brains will become the new owners of the plugin. More information on this acquisition can be found in the Delicious Brains announcement post.

That’s all for now! As always, feel free to share your questions and projects in the community forum. We love hearing from you.