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Monthly Roundup – June 2021

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Sat Jul 10 2021

📨 Frontity’s monthly roundup is designed to inform you about all the updates, community news and announcements surrounding Frontity Framework. Subscribe here to receive it in your inbox and stay up to date with all things Frontity.

Welcome to another edition of our monthly roundup. We’re back this month with a round of interesting updates and resources. Let’s take a quick recap!


Kasper Aamodt recently published a new package that adds support for the Gravity Forms plugin. 🎉

  • Check out the Frontity Gravity Forms demo here.
  • Great to see this has been the result of a collaborative effort between Kasper and Johan, who asked the community for feedback on his implementation and helped make this happen.

Besides this, two new minor versions of Frontity were released last month. They both include bug fixes and improvements to the AMP package:

  • The @frontity/mars-theme package is now AMP-aware. If you are using the @frontity/amp package and install this theme, it just works.
  • We also made the @frontity/components/Image AMP-aware and removed the Intersection Observer fallback, which used to lazily load images in the absence of native lazy loading. More on this here.

Big thanks to everyone who worked on these releases and improvements, especially to @kasperaamodt, @Johan, @michalczaplinski, @DAreRodz, and @luisherranz. 👏

New docs

We published two new guides in the docs:

There’s a new page on Lazy Loading under the Performance section.

In addition to these resources, we added labels to the Guides index so that it’s easier to identify the content, and made some improvements to these pages:

Props to @davidrhoderick and @DonKoko for suggesting improvements, and @mburridge and @juanmaguitar for their continued work on the docs! 🙌

Community projects

Ivy Farm is a sustainable meat company that aims to produce real cultured meat from animal cells with no suffering involved. Check out their awesome website built with Frontity at

Sleep Cycle, a popular app that analyzes users’ sleep and help them improve their sleep habits, built the site with Frontity.

Seven Seas Music is an interesting platform powered by Frontity to listen and license music from independent artists around the world:

Manuel Carrión shared on LinkedIn the new portfolio website he has recently created with the framework:


Kasper Aamodt published a new post on why he created a new Contact Form 7 package for Frontity and, more recently, the Gravity Forms one: Frontity Gravity Forms package, and why I love to make packages.

Kinnari Vasavada wrote a post about how to implement dark mode in Frontity.

A new video is out on Frontity’s YouTube channel: Understanding the purpose of the Frontity packages in the frontity repo.

  • In addition to explaining the purpose of each package in the frontity repo, Luis talks about namespaces and how they’re used to simplify the communication between packages.

The video is part of a series called Frontity Learning Sessions aimed at learning some of the fundamental concepts and processes that underlie a Frontity project.

Wild Hack published a series of video tutorials on how to create a blog with React and Frontity hosted on Heroku.

Ayush Pandit created an unofficial Frontity group on Telegram and Discord for community help and support.

Other stuff

The creator of CoCart Sébastien Dumont released CoCart v3.1.0 Beta 1, which introduces a setup wizard to help prepare the environment for a headless setup. This might help those who want to use Frontity with WooCommerce.

Matt Mullenweg and Matías Ventura gathered to discuss the latest developments of Gutenberg at WordCamp Europe and shared this demo about the current and new features coming to the WordPress block editor.

The React team shared a few updates about the plans and features coming in React 18.

That’s all for now! As always, feel free to share your questions and projects in the community forum. We love hearing from you.