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Monthly Roundup – January 2021

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Sat Feb 06 2021

📨 Frontity’s monthly roundup is designed to inform you about all the updates, community news and announcements surrounding Frontity Framework. Stay up to date with all things Frontity by subscribing to our newsletter here.

Welcome back to our monthly roundup. We’re kicking off the new year with some exciting updates and resources. Let’s catch up!


We recently shipped a new release that adds support for the redirects stored in the WordPress database.

This release also addresses many other improvements to ensure that Frontity remains reliable and up-to-date, including React 17 and Emotion 11 support.

Head over to the release notes to learn what else is new and find all the relevant links with more information. Thank you to @nicholasio and @jamesgeorge007 for their contributions!

Last month we also worked on a Proof of Concept to investigate and test the new WooCommerce Store API with Frontity. You can watch a demo and join the conversation in this Feature Discussion.

  • Please note that this is just an experiment – it doesn’t mean that we are going to start working on an official WooCommerce package after this PoC.

New docs

Great news! Our DevRel team just released an extensive step-by-step tutorial for Frontity which guides you through the creation of a project from start to finish. Check it out at ✨

  • If you’re new to Frontity, or want to learn the basics in a more structured and progressive way, this tutorial is perfect for you. Head over to this blog post to learn more about it. We’re excited to see you dig in and let us know what you think!

In addition:


Curious about what’s next for Frontity?

A few weeks ago we introduced the new Frontity Roadmap Page, where you can learn about the features that we’re planning to release in the coming months, our development workflow, and how to keep track of product updates.

As you can see from the new page and the summary of the sprint that is in progress, the dev team is already working on the AMP package. ⚡

We hope these resources give you more visibility into what’s coming in Frontity and help you plan better.

Community projects

Maher El Aridi shared on Twitter the e-commerce site his team at Baal & Spots has built using Frontity for the first time:

Divaksh started out the year by publishing, a personal blog with his dream terminal-like design, and shared the theme with the community.

Francisco Javier developed his website with Frontity as a way to learn more about headless WordPress. Read about his experience here.

Phn recently created a new gallery site to show off his personal photo portfolio: More details in this post.

Alfonso Puig also finished his website and shared this tweet with more details on the web performance achieved with Frontity.


In the latest episode of Frontity Talks, Michael covers one of the most frequently asked questions in the community forum: How to use WordPress menus in a Frontity project. 👌

In December we had the opportunity to talk with Gabriel Rabello, who works at CrowdFarming. In this post he explains us how they’re using Frontity to power their company’s multilingual blog.

The talk that Michal gave at the WordPress Orange County meetup is already available on Youtube. Check it out: Frontity is React for WordPress.

Here’s some new posts from the community that you might enjoy reading as well:

Team highlights

A few days ago, we introduced you to the newest member of our team: Cristian Bote. Member of the Preact core team, he has joined Frontity as Open Source JavaScript Architect. Glad to have you on board, Cristian! 🙌

2020 was an exciting and busy year for Frontity. Before it ended, we wrote a blog post to reflect on what we and the community achieved over the past year. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s our 2020 Year in Review.

Other stuff

Jono Alderson (from the Yoast team) wrote an insightful post about JavaScript SEO for WordPress.

WP Briefing is a new podcast presented by Josepha Haden where you can learn about where WordPress is going and and how to get involved.

Kellen Mace launched Headless WP Decision Tool to help you decide if you should use WordPress as a headless CMS for your next project.

In case you missed it, the results of State of JS 2020 were released a few weeks ago:

That’s all for now. As always, feel free to reach out and share your projects with us. We love hearing from you!