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Improve Your Customer Experience Through Mobile Apps Solutions

  • Post Author
    By Ashni Sharma
  • Post Date
    Tue Oct 11 2016

The digital landscape has become entirely app oriented. Most businesses have now realized the potential of mobile apps in bringing the users closer to the brand. The apps have not only contributed in taking the business to a huge number of mobile users but also have been instrumental in building the brand.

The most credible and valid reason that explains the positive impact of the mobile apps is the user experience that they are able to provide. It brings about a whole lot of difference as the users get an immersive and more engaging experience while using the services through a mobile app.

Such an experience stems from the ability of a mobile app to access the native features of the device like camera, GPS, gyroscope, and other sensors. The app amalgamates the data and functionality from the device with the app’s feature-stack and conjures up a magical user experience. However, this magic can be created only when your business is equipped with mobile app solutions that have been developed while keeping the users’ requirements and expectations in mind.

We will further explore the nuances of how mobile apps improve the customer experience.

Convenience through apps

One of the most striking features of mobile apps is that you can create convenience for the users through the apps. Accessing a service over a website requires the users to open a browser and search for the service or type in the website. Whereas, a mobile app can be opened with just a tap and the services are all yours to access.

Use of device’s native features

By using the native features of the device and other software on the mobile phone, the overall customer experience of an app can be improved to a large extent. For instance, a food delivery app can offer you a more accurate service if it’s able to retrieve your exact geo-location using the GPS feature of the mobile device.

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Push notifications to retain customers

Customers need discounts, offers and other freebies to stay loyal to an app and push notifications are the best way to keep the users apprised of such offers. All you need to do is to time your notifications carefully. For instance, if you find your user looking for similar services on other websites, you can send a notification.

More personalized experience through exclusive offers

It is easy to track your users through an app about their shopping preferences, online behavior etc. The information that is collected can be analyzed to create personalized offers for the users. Such exclusive offers will definitely attract the users and will not let them shift to your competitor’s app. It is a great way to retain users who have not been using the app lately.

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Making the business reachable

Customer experience is not just about providing a great website or app but also making the services accessible to more and more users. Mobile apps help your business do just that. If you improve your mobile app by making it more usable and simple for the end users, your business will consequently become more accessible.

App gamification

This is the newest innovation that has been introduced to the mobile apps. In order to make the customer experience more playful and interesting, a small game section is included in the app. The users are invited to play the games and the winners are offered prizes in the form of discounts and other offers. Many apps are implementing app gamification to offer something different in an attempt to prevent them from using the rival app.

Interaction with users

Personalized interaction with the users through in-app chat is one of the most trusted ways of giving a boost to the customer experience. Many shopping apps have added the chat feature to let the users chat with the business representatives and vice-versa. You can go ahead and let two users chat on the app platform. Such feature is sure to boost the app’s UX.

Closing thought

There is no limit to the ways you can improve the customer experience through mobile apps. There is immense amount of potential in the mobile apps that is still unexplored. The methods discussed here are some of the tried and tested approaches to enhancing the user experience through mobile apps. With an innovative and creative mind, you can channelize the power within a mobile app to take your business to several notches higher on the level of success.

Author Bio:The blog post has been authored by Ashni Sharma, a senior app developer working with AppsChopper. Being a prolific mobile app programmer, Ashni has tremendous expertise in the domain and she loves to share her knowledge and insight through interesting and informative blogs and write-ups.

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