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Promoting your app

Once you have your app published in the stores, it is time for the most difficult part of the job: getting your app noticed. There are many creative and free ways to promote your app. Trivial-looking steps, like choosing your app’s name, can mean a significantly different result in the download rate. We will try to cover different actions that can be taken to get your app downloaded by as many people as possible:

Choose an appropriate name

Your app’s name must be unique, and easy to remember. It should include the most important keywords of your business or blog topic, and ideally, give some hints to the benefits that the user will get if he or she installs it in his or her device.

Some tips for choosing your app’s name:

  • Try not to make it longer than 12 characters.
  • Make it SEO-friendly. Try to use the terms or words users use when they think about mobile apps.
  • Using a compound name can be a good idea if it describes best what your app makes.

There are sites like Dotomator that can give you ideas of names related to words or categories.

Create an appealing icon, and take some good screenshots

First impressions matter. A lot. Graphic design is a key factor when users select a particular app to download. The icon is what differentiates your app from your competitor’s, so it must be attractive enough to stand out from the rest. You can have the same icon for Android and iOS, but generally, it is better to follow the design guidelines separately for Apple and Google platforms. A good option could be to hire a freelance designer to take care of this task.

Before deciding if your app is worth downloading, the user will always take a look at the screenshots that you have uploaded to the stores. When choosing the right screenshots, you should:

  • Explain what the app does. Do not underestimate the possibility that the user will misunderstand your message, so be as clear as possible.
  • Convince the users to download your app.

Choose the correct category for your app

When you publish your app in the stores, you must choose a category and subcategory for your app. Even though it seems easy, there are many apps that do not completely fit into any particular category. If this is the case for you, you must keep your users in mind, and ask yourself the question: what category are my potential users in? Keep in mind that selecting the right category will determine the promotion strategy; however, do not worry, once the app has been published, you can change the category in the next app upgrade.

Promote your app in your social circles

This is not new information. Your closest circle will be the ones who download your app first, and it is important for your app to have good initial reviews. We don’t care if you buy them a round of beer in return, threaten to kidnap their children, or take them on vacation to the Caribbean, but MAKE your friends and contacts download your app and leave positive reviews (we DO NOT recommend the last two options). It simply works.

Twitter and Facebook are pretty good ways to reach your connections, but do not cause yourself to be eliminated from the friend lists of half of your contacts, use them with restraint.

Get reviews in specialized blogs

This action is the one with a bigger long-term impact, but it takes time and effort (and sometimes some cash, depending on the blog you want to appear in) to get those reviews. Send press kits to different media, online and offline, and include all kinds of graphic material like logos, screenshots, graphs, etc. Make it easy for bloggers/columnists/journalists to write about you.

Properly implementing these suggestions will help you promote your app more effectively. Do you have any other suggestions for effective app promotion? Please share them with us.

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