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Be inspired and win the battle against writer’s block

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Wed Mar 09 2016

Writing a blog post every day or every week is a good thing, a worthy cause that will yield dividends for your business and brand. However, sometimes it is easier said than done. Writer´s block is a very real and annoying thing, we know that because we suffer from it, too.

A lot of sources that help with idea and content generation exist. Following suit, we decided to be one of those sources and help make your life a little bit easier by giving you some ideas on how to come up with content for your blog or site.

Go forth and write!

The FAQs on your site 

This is an easy way to come up with ideas for your blog. Finding out what your audience is asking about, what is important to them with regards to your business or blog will help you address those issues/concerns via your next posts.

The FAQs on your competitors’ sites 

Just like with the FAQs on your site, finding out what your competitors’ audience is asking can be a valuable source of new ideas, sometimes ideas you hadn’t thought of previously.


Research has shown that images and videos are powerful ways of interacting with your audience. Using these formats to transmit your ideas gives your audience something different, fresh, and exciting to consume.

Read industry-related publications

Customer surveys and feedback

Getting direct information from your audience in this way is important for the success of your blog/business, but also for helping you with content, particularly if the feedback gives you new insight to the needs of your audience.

Share other people’s content and interact with influencers in your industry

Writing about yourself/business all the time is boring and might be off-putting to your audience. Sharing relevant content from others sometimes shows maturity and generosity. It is also good for the authors of the content you share as it can encourage them to work with you or contribute in some other way to your blog/business.

Social media – Online forums, hashtags, comments, people you follow, people who follow you, etc

Paying to the attention to the conversations taking place on social media is another easy but effective way to be inspired and come up with new content ideas.

Customer service representatives & salespeople

Depending on your line of business and where you work, these categories of people are very valuable because they interact with current and potential customers all the time. Paying attention to the questions, comments, issues they hear can lead to interesting and useful content.

Invite well-respected bloggers to write on your site/blog

Ask people for ideas – coworkers, fellow bloggers, clients, friends, etc

An oldie, but goodie.

For more ways to be inspired, check this out.

In addition to revolutionizing the (WordPress) mobile experience, we are always seeking ways to generate inspiring, useful content for you. Your ideas and suggestions are more than welcome, feel free to find out what we’re about.

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