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Our Journey to Frontity

Announcing Our Seed Round & Rebranding to Frontity

  • Post Author
    By Reyes Martínez
  • Post Date
    Mon May 28 2018
Frontity team

A few months ago, we announced that we had discontinued our platform and app submission services to place all of our focus on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Today, we have some more exciting news to share: we’ve raised a €400K seed round led by K Fund and are rebranding to Frontity!

Funding round

We’ve recently closed a €400,000 seed round of funding from the venture capital fund K Fund and different business angels.

While the previous round was mainly aimed at developing a first version of our product (Progressive Web Apps with AMP support), these funds will enable us to keep evolving our technology, grow our team, and increase our customer base.

Our goal is to support all kind of WordPress publishers (we’re currently working with medium-sized and large publishers), as well as becoming the leading solution for mobile and Progressive Web Apps in the WordPress ecosystem.

It is a privilege to have such a supportive group of investors that believe in our vision and in our team.

We are rebranding!

The desire for a new name has come as part of a full rebranding process. People still relate Worona with a WordPress plugin to build native mobile apps, rather than the new technology we offer – Progressive Web Apps with Google AMP support.

Our first goal with a new name is to change this trend. But nothing about our values or vision is changing.

While we’re proud to have helped so many of you build great mobile apps, a new name will better position us to expand our new product and platform.

Why Frontity?

Once the decision of rebranding was made, we had to find the right name, which was not easy at all. Actually, it was quite a challenge given how many domains are registered. We were looking for something visual and conceptual, and finally we landed on Frontity.

Our new name comes from front-end, a tech term often used to describe both the web design and the frontend web development. In simple words, it is basically the part of the web that visitors can see and interact with.

Instead of waiting for pages to load and interacting with a blank screen, we want users to enjoy a fast, frictionless mobile experience when visiting a website from their mobile phones. And we want our name to be associated with that first great mobile web experience.

Another of our main goals was to select a name that would stand out against the preponderance of descriptive names in our space. Words such as mobile, speed, or app were banned as clichés, and Frontity did the job.

Looking forward

We’re excited about the future of Frontity and believe it is a good name that encompasses our philosophy and personality. We hope you’ll like the new brand as much as we do!

Our social media accounts will be updated to reflect the name and logo changes in the next few days. And the new website is

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to solve your doubts 🙂